See the seamless transition between slanted ceiling and cabinetry? Yeah, you'll only find that with meticulously designed and perfectly executed custom cabinetry. We happen to know something about that. Find out what we could do for you at! Christopher Scott Cabinetry and Design specializes in fully custom inset cabinetry and furniture. How can we make your cabinetry dreams a reality? How does a kitchen that combines traditional farmhouse with modern industrial with a touch of Victorian look as seamlessly put together as this one? Christopher Scott Cabinetry and Design is how. We're meticulous about the details, because we know that's where we can make everything you're dreaming about coming together in one perfectly cohesive space. Being in the kitchen shouldn't feel like work. And while this one has plenty of workspace, with unique cabinetry and design, the room still feels like an international getaway. The best custom cabinetry and design is not only going to work hard for you and your family, but beautifully express your design aesthetic as well. We can make that happen. Check us out at! Find out how Christopher Scott Cabinetry and Design can help make your blue kitchen dreams come true!
Some of the best marriage advice you'll ever receive: separate sinks. This custom two sink bathroom design takes that into account and adds a healthy dose of soft grey combined with classic tile flooring to create a zen bathroom space.

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Who doesn't love a custom built-in in the living room? The best custom cabinets take your family's lifestyle into consideration. Are the built-ins for displaying memorabilia? Housing the entertainment equipment? Storing games or blankets? Our job is to ask all the right questions, then execute the best custom cabinets for YOU.

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Our small team is talented, meticulous, and very aware of the little things.

Which comes first—the custom cabinets for your home or the furniture? Did you choose green cabinets to match the couch that belongs in the room or are you bringing in the rich leather couch because you know it'll pair perfectly with those deep green cabinets?

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Our specialty is fully custom cabinetry and furniture.

Our small team is talented, meticulous, and very aware of the little things that ultimately attract and satisfy each client.
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