Built-in Cabinets And Design Services

Nothing says luxury like built-in cabinetry. Custom built-in cabinets bring the art of design and the utility of function together to complete your home.

Fully custom means getting a 100% unique design based on the space, intended aesthetics, and personal functionality needs. Every element is literally made to order (or “bespoke” if you’re in the U.K.) to fit your space, down to a tiny fraction of an inch. A custom cabinet designer will find a way to respect an intended aesthetic while catering to your specific needs of storage. Fully custom means that you get exactly what you want.

Why Choose Us For Your Built-In Cabinets And Design Needs?

Every detail in built-in cabinetry, from the use of storage space to the soft close hinges to the handles on the door, to the precision of the inset, showcase a builder’s craftsmanship. If you pick a subpar craftsman, it will show up in all those details and ruin your investment in your cabinetry. That’s why choosing Christopher Scott Cabinetry is the best choice for your built-in cabinetry needs. We pride ourselves on not only the highest quality installation and materials, but the best design services to utilize all the potential storage space in your home. 

We’ve tackled design challenges like stacked washer/dryer sets housed beautifully in a small space using built-in cabinetry that also stores laundry items. We’ve turned a standard hallway into a beautifully functional storage space complete with sconce lighting and custom cabinet door mesh on. One of our favorite projects is bookshelves for office spaces, living rooms, or home libraries. 

Functional and beautiful custom cabinetry in a library makes or breaks the space, and we can make your home library perfect for curling up with a good book. Working with our clients to create the perfect custom built-in cabinetry is what makes us tick, and that passion shows in every detail of our work. Our team is based in Utah, but we’ve completed built-in projects nationwide, offering an unparalleled experience to homes from coast to coast. Don’t wait to contact us to find out how we can design your dream space using our years of expertise.

There should be no questioning why this is one of our favorite green paint colors. It's deep, moody, and adds just the right amount of earthiness for the leather and wood to pop off in this custom home office.
When you begin looking for entertainment center ideas it is important to consider how you and your family will be using the space and what items you’ll need to store. Is this a gathering room that will need to accommodate a variety of activities such as high-tech gaming along with low-tech gaming (board games)? Do you have a large collection of DVDs or collectible vinyl albums to store? Would you like to incorporate lighting into the display areas? These are just a few of the questions for you to consider when creating the perfect custom built-in entertainment center.
Having a custom entry way cabinet with a bench works for so many reasons—not least of why because it makes a great place to perch when removing shoes.
Make a hallway more than just bare walls and doorways with custom built in design like this! It's a beautiful way to create space and add character to a home.
Who wouldn't want hideaway cabinets for their laundry? Especially if your washer and dryer don't have their own room!
There is no shame in having a shoe collection to rival a department store's. Even less shame in putting them on display in the best custom built-ins.
Custom vent covers are an incredible way to spruce up your space or completely customize a new build from top to bottom
Which comes first—the custom cabinets for your home or the furniture? Did you choose green cabinets to match the couch that belongs in the room or are you bringing in the rich leather couch because you know it'll pair perfectly with those deep green cabinets?
The best custom cabinets feel like they belong, as if they were original to the home and its original design.

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From your dining room with glass door cabinetry to showcase your finest china, or in a mudroom adding lockers and drawers to maximize space and utilize every inch without sacrificing aesthetics, custom built-in cabinets bring the art of design and the utility of function together to complete your home.  Don’t wait on your dream house for another day, contact us and let us take your home to the next level with built-in cabinetry. 

We are based along the Wasatch Front in Orem, Utah. We serve the greater Salt Lake area and Utah counties, but our expertise isn’t limited to the Beehive State. Our portfolio includes projects from many areas of the United States, offering our luxury custom cabinetry to homeowners nationwide.

    Who doesn't love a custom built-in in the living room? The best custom cabinets take your family's lifestyle into consideration. Are the built-ins for displaying memorabilia? Housing the entertainment equipment? Storing games or blankets? Our job is to ask all the right questions, then execute the best custom cabinets for YOU.