Custom Closet Design And Installation Services

There may be no place in your home better suited to fully expressing your unique style than in a custom made closet. Who could say no to a perfectly-organized, boutique-worthy retreat like this?

This light and airy custom closet design stays grounded with deep gold accents, a heavy marble countertop on the central built in cabinet, and a fashionable printed carpet.

Why Choose Us For Your Custom Closet Design Needs?

Custom closet design by Christopher Scott Cabinetry goes far beyond racks for clothes and shelves for shoes because we know that the best master closet is a place of sanctuary—not just a couple of doors behind which to hide your clothes. Every detail counts in designing your closet, from highly-tailored organization and custom closet built-ins with drawers in spades (think watches, jewelry, and sunglasses) to just-right seating, lighting, and custom finishing that you’ll never find in a box store. Because our team has designed and installed custom closets across the nation and in our home state of Utah, we’ve created custom closets to fit every home and need.

Having a custom closet designed for you is nearing the level of necessary luxury. But don’t think of it as an indulgence—rather, think of it as the perfect way to start and end your day in peace and comfort designed entirely for you.

The best built in custom cabinet for your closet should be a springboard for your items to shine and be easily found—even if you don't organize by the rainbow ;)
One thing you should never feel when walking into a custom closet design is that you're, well, in a closet. It should feel more like an intimate and comfortable shopping experience!
Don't ever think that custom built in cabinet closet design is just for the ladies. This man cave of a dream closet is moody and makes every hat, shirt, and pair of shoes pop.
Custom closet cabinets give you the chance to display all your shoes, purses, and other accessories in a perfectly organized and beautiful way.
There is no shame in having a shoe collection to rival a department store's. Even less shame in putting them on display in the best custom built-ins.
Custom closet designs should always reflect YOUR wardrobe needs. Want every pair of shoes on display? We've got you covered.

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Whether you need to work out the best space-saving ideas for a small closet space or you’re looking to take full advantage of some extra square footage, Christopher Scott Cabinetry’s custom closet design services will make the most of it all. Surrounded by expert craftsmanship and gorgeous design detailing, you may just never leave your custom closet again!

Our company is based along the Wasatch Front in Orem, Utah, and while we commonly serve both Utah County and the larger Salt Lake Valley, we’re also available for projects across the entire United States. Whether you are maximizing space in your apartment in San Francisco or building your dream home in Savannah, and you need the perfect closet for your home, our team is your only choice for custom closets.  Fill out the form below to get started today!

    Don't forget the island full of drawers when coming up with built in closet ideas. You'll need space for delicates, jewelry, and even a comfy seat to put on shoes or just relax after a long day.