11 Gorgeous Bathroom Ideas You Can’t Live Without

White inset cabinetry with white marble countertops, white herringbone floors, and white paint ensure that this white custom bathroom design excludes luxury.

Thank heavens the basic bathroom is a thing of the past. I mean, why waste precious space on utilitarian boredom in your home when your personality can shine and individual needs can be perfectly catered to in the bathroom as well as anywhere else? A custom bathroom is such a fun place to creatively solve for unique pain points without interrupting the flow of your home’s overall aesthetic.

So what do our favorite bathroom ideas look like when brought to life? Scroll on to find the best bathroom design ideas full of custom cabinetry, beautiful spa-like master bathrooms, powder rooms packed with personality, and bathroom remodel inspiration that everyone can love. From cabinet door details to our favorite paint colors and distinctive hardware and light fixtures, you’ll find a new favorite bathroom idea with every single picture.

Our Favorite Bathrooms Design Ideas IRL

Part of what we love about our portfolio of custom bathroom work is that no two spaces are the same. In part because no two homeowners want the same thing, but also because we love the creative opportunities a unique bathroom affords our designers and builders. And just because we love one master bathroom for its calming, spa-like qualities, doesn’t mean we don’t equally appreciate a spunky little half bath with something a little louder to say. Each of our bathrooms has something for anyone to fall in love with—but these are some of our favorites.

The Luxury Spa Master Bath

Imagine the very best custom bathroom design in your home? What does it include? A double sink vanity? A soothing color palette? Cupboards and drawers for every need? Yeah, us too.
When a bathroom is meant to serve many, it's important to have two sinks and easily accessible towels like in this custom two sink bathroom design.

This bathroom does serious work at elevating a beautiful home to a luxury hotel and spa environment, all while making it look effortless. The soft white and gray palette offers an immediate sense of calm and cleanliness without feeling stark or sterile, while the double sink vanity provides plenty of storage and counter space for the master bath users. Many Utah homeowners have a big family or plan to, and with a luxury bathroom experience like this, it will be easy to relax after a long day. Plus, the extra storage in this space offers more room for bath toys, extra towels, and more. It’s a beautiful fusion of function and luxury.

The Classically Feminine Bathroom

The best custom bathroom cabinet design works with the space you have to get you everything you need from a custom sink cabinet with matching vanity and floor to ceiling storage.

Chic barely begins to describe this dreamy white and gold bathroom, complete with absolutely one-of-a-kind stiletto-heeled vanity cabinets. That little boost off the floor brings a regal air to the entire space, complemented by brassy gold cabinet hardware, elegant faucets, and several lady-like sconces.

The Boldly Traditional Master Bathroom

These custom bathroom cabinets feel luxurious stain color to marble countertops.

We love this unique master bathroom for its unabashedly regal nature. Everything from the richly stained wood vanity cabinets to the marble slab sink and decorative wall trim oozes dignified elegance. Plus, any time you add a gilded arched mirror, we’re sold.

The Seeing Double Vanities Bathroom

Some of the best bathroom cabinets are configured in a galley layout, which includes two vanity spaces separated by a pass-through. Each of these spaces can include sinks, or you can use one as a vanity area.

We’ll be honest, if seeing double always felt like this, we wouldn’t be able to find a problem with it. This master bathroom is full of a soothing symmetry that we’re certain is offering just as much peace to the couple actually using it as it is to us. It’s also packed with tucked-away storage (adorned by sleek silver hardware) and made bright with white walls, flooring, and countertops. The brilliance trifecta is made complete with custom framed-in mirrors directly opposite each other to make the room feel even more light and spacious. While this bathroom is a master, it offers storage space and plenty of counter space for children and teens to enjoy, and making a home family-friendly is a truly wonderful part of designing vanities in Utah.

The Graphically Black And White Bathroom

This custom flooring does wonders in helping some of our best custom bathroom cabinet designs feel like they've always belonged in the space.

Our favorite things about this black and white beauty? The custom tile design and black cabinetry details (which you’ll notice if you can bear to take your eyes off the floor). What better to richly complement that graphic motif than a dark stone countertop and square hanging drawer pulls? Well, we may actually argue that the horizontal black tile line on the wall and absolutely everything about the window and its subtle fabric shade is battling for the top spot in this design. We’ll let you decide which feature takes the gold (which is highlighted nicely in the faucet, now that we think of it).

The Modern Contemporary Bathroom Design

There is something about the combination of the black slat walls, hex tile flooring, and open shelf custom bathroom cabinet that make this room feel perfectly retro modern.

From the unique shelf-style bathroom vanity and vertical shiplap to the hexagonal floor tile, this custom bathroom design is all about modern lines. We also love how the deep blue-gray wall paint makes the stained cabinetry pop with a good dose of homey warmth, emblematic of the welcoming state of Utah where this home is located. That, combined with such an eye-catching floor design, makes us never, ever want to stop looking at this beautiful bathroom design.

The Full Out Floral Bathroom

Why not let your bathroom get in touch with its feminine side? This is one of the best custom bathroom cabinets for truly embracing a gorgeous vintage aesthetic.

As we said, we love a commitment to personality, even (especially?) in a bathroom. It’s a great space to go all out—like with this floral patterned wallpaper with a dreamy Queen Anne style vanity to match, painted in custom-mixed soft mint to match the wallpaper and topped off with delicate feet and dimensional flowers on the cabinet fronts. The clincher? Subtle floral tile design in a complementary green and white to bring the design full circle.

The Updated Classic Bathroom Idea

See the way the end piece of this custom cabinet design for the bathroom mimics the lines on the front? It's the details that make custom cabinetry so unique and special.

The sharp lines and deep stain on this custom bathroom vanity fan the flames of sturdy tradition, while all the intricate details make it especially modern. The beaded inset frames and subtle side design, paired with variegated chevron floor tiles, mix-and-match door hardware, and perfect leg lift take this beautiful custom bathroom design to next-level cool. The warmth of the wood combined with the white of the counter and tile is reminiscent of the Wasatch Front’s beautiful outdoors in the winter—wood draped in snow. And even with the neutral tones, this space is as warm and welcoming as Utah.

The Moody And Modern Guest Bathroom

Don't sell your guest bathroom short! Even smaller spaces can accommodate custom two sink bathroom designs.

Black and white have never brought something to life so beautifully. While the dark and moody paint color on the custom bathroom vanity may seem bold, the classically-patterned tile floor, bright white walls, and silver hardware bring an airy lightness to the room. That sentiment is echoed again in the open storage space at the bottom of the vanity and in the wire light fixtures, completing a perfectly paired statement bathroom.

The Bright White Paradise Bathroom

The most popular paint color for the bathroom is probably still classic white
An exceptional vanity design requires careful planning and attention to detail. There are plenty of decisions to be made, from the layout and style to the types of sinks and countertops. This six-step process gives you a game plan to follow as you’re designing your new modern bathroom cabinets.

One of the best bathroom ideas of all time? Creating a space that feels perpetually clean, no matter what. And with this magnificent master, the mission was more than accomplished. Polished and bright—without even a whisper of the sterility some think of when it comes to pure white spaces—this masterpiece of a master bathroom makes us all want to take a deep breath of fresh air and linger just a little longer.

The Contemporary Colonial Bathroom

What could become a bulky bathroom cabinets design is completely changed by the slats in the center cupboard door. It's the little decisions like that which take custom cabinetry to the next level.

There are several details in this kid’s bathroom that make it one of our favorite bathroom ideas ever. First, it maintains its bright and clean feel while fearlessly embracing one of our favorite blue paint colors—Hague Blue by Farrow & Ball. Second, it seamlessly blends old-world Colonial style (think inset cabinetry and monochrome painted hardware) with new-world oomph via the slatted cabinet door front. We’re also big fans of the built-in window seat, complete with ever-necessary toilet paper and towel storage, perfect for a child’s bathroom. Thoughtful details like these are critical in a state like Utah where families and children aren’t an afterthought, but a central focus of many new home projects. 

A Christopher Scott Cabinetry Bathroom Like No Other

It’s clear that we’re not playing favorites when it comes to the best bathroom ideas out there. There are so many varied ways to make a custom bathroom design stand out and truly become your own. But starting with the right bathroom cabinet designer and builder is key. At Christopher Scott Cabinetry, we’re ready to take your bathroom vision and make it more than a dream. Contact us today to get started!

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It’s clear that we’re not playing favorites when it comes to the best bathroom vanity ideas out there, especially considering that in Utah where the housing boom can lead to cookie-cutter bathroom vanities. We’re dedicated to ensuring that homes along the Wasatch Front have beautiful custom vanities designed and built to meet your family’s needs. At Christopher Scott Cabinetry, we are ready to take your bathroom vision and make it more than a dream, whether you live in Salt Lake, Orem, Park City, Provo, and beyond. Contact us today to get started!

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