Our Favorite Cabinet Hardware

The best custom kitchen design ideas will incorporate two things—style design and layout design. And what that means for each homeowner will be completely unique.

We love the variety of cabinet hardware options on the market these days, but we also realize that choosing the best cabinet hardware for your kitchen, bathroom, or other space in your home can be difficult with so many possibilities available. But don’t worry! We’re here to help. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite cabinet hardware products, complete with tips for how to choose the right ones for your space. So, get ready to take notes, pin this page, and start shopping for the best cabinet hardware out there!

Before You Buy Any Cabinet Hardware

A few foundational bits of information are key to finding the best cabinet hardware for your home. From using proper measuring techniques to understanding which styles to use in which applications, here is what you need to know before shopping for cabinet hardware knobs, pulls, and more.

Using Proper Measurements

If you’re updating your space with modern cabinet hardware, narrowing down which hardware you can use will likely begin with checking old measurements. First, this means knowing the width between screw holes on any pulls or handles so you can shop for the same size and not have to worry about filling old holes and drilling new ones. You will find this distance by measuring the span between the center of one screw hole to the center of the other. A typical size for a standard cabinet hardware pull is 3, 4, 6, or 8 inches.

If you’re planning a total remodel or new build, you won’t need to worry about these old holes, but it’s still important to understand that this is the way most cabinet hardware pulls are measured—by the distance between holes, not necessarily the actual full width of the handle, which can often extend beyond the screw holes.

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Choosing The Right Size Hardware For Your Cabinetry

Another important factor when it comes to learning how to choose cabinet hardware for your home is the overall size of the hardware. This will matter not only for decorative hardware—pulls, knobs, backplates, and other ornamental elements on a cabinet face—but also for hinges and less visible functional hardware.

Often it will be visually obvious whether or not a piece of hardware is dwarfing or dwarfed by the cabinet face. Purchasing samples and getting a sense of how they visually look in the space or having an expert cabinet maker create a 3D rendition of your cabinetry will be incredibly helpful for this part of the choosing-the-best-cabinet-hardware process. But if neither of those is an option for you, consider following these general guidelines:

  • Pulls are often around a third the width of a drawer front. So, for a 12-inch-wide drawer front, shop for a 4 inch wide drawer pull. For larger drawers, if you’d like, you could plan on two knobs (or even two small pulls) placed around the one-fifth mark of the drawer widthor pulls, each placed at the one-third measurement marks. So, if the drawer is 30” wide, one fifth of 30” is 6”, place the knob around 6” from each edge.  That said, some of the best kitchen design ideas actually break the rules. 
  • For larger drawers between 12 to 30 inches wide, use a pull at least 4 to 12 inches wide.
  • For extra large drawers, you can double up on smaller, widely-placed drawer pulls or skip the pulls altogether and use two well-chosen knobs.
Don't forget the island full of drawers when coming up with built in closet ideas. You'll need space for delicates, jewelry, and even a comfy seat to put on shoes or just relax after a long day.

Understanding Hardware Styles

Finding the right style of hardware for your kitchen, bathroom, built-ins, or other cabinetry is likely the most challenging part of choosing the best cabinet hardware. But a basic understanding of what general styles are available is always a good place to start.

Typically, we can put cabinet hardware into three loose categories: traditional (think natural wood finishes, dark or bronze metals, and basic shapes but with sometimes elegant detailing), modern (cleaner shapes, sharper edges, offering more minimalistic contrast), and transitional (a combination of the previous two, sometimes with mixed materials, custom color finishes, and a mixture of traditional and modern shapes—cabinet hardware trends typically fall in this category).

The best custom bathroom cabinet design works with the space you have to get you everything you need from a custom sink cabinet with matching vanity and floor to ceiling storage.

With that understanding, you can begin to consider your personal style, what you want each space in your home to say, before searching for coordinating cabinet hardware. For instance, in a Colonial-style home, monochromatic painted wood knobs work seamlessly in essentially any room. A square industrial metal knob is well suited to the more rustic, natural looking cabinet or island. And the delicate and bespoke star-shaped hardware found in this brightly feminine bathroom provides just enough glitter without feeling over the top. Another expert tip? Don’t be afraid to mix and match complementary knobs and pulls in one room. It often breaks up the space and makes it more visually dynamic and appealing.

Our Favorite Cabinet Hardware

It’s honestly hard to narrow down our very favorite and best cabinet hardware, specifically because we’ve been able to use such a variety in so many beautiful spaces that we wouldn’t want to leave anything out. That said, we’ve compiled a list of gorgeous, high-quality hardware products that we believe will play well in many modern spaces. And if you don’t find what you love on this list, it should at least inspire you to head in the direction of your more solidified cabinet hardware dreams!

Cabinet And Drawer Pulls

It’s hard to say no to a simple and classic black cabinet hardware pull. We love this one for its slightly updated look, though—the clean lines and slight overhang on both sides. It would work well in a farmhouse, industrial, or contemporary space.

Obsessed might be a bit dramatic when it comes to how we feel about the perfect simplicity of this retro brass cabinet pull, but only just. Flawless application would include one of our favorite gray paint colors, a bit of wood for additional texture in the space, and more industrial chic design elements throughout.

The gentle arch and careful angles of this drawer pull make it another of our best cabinet hardware picks. It’s got a traditional feel that will also play well with more contemporary interior designs, particularly in this versatile brass finish.

Our third favorite pull pick? This sleek little silver piece with pretty little corner details. We love the unexpected curves that make it highly unique without being over the top and trendy. Plus, it would complement a number of knob shapes in a larger space like a bathroom or kitchen.

A gorgeous option for wide (think kitchen, office, and even bathroom vanity) drawers, this handle is another one that makes finding complementary knobs incredibly easy. Plus, the length feels a bit dramatic, which we can certainly get on board with given the right design conditions.

These simple cup pulls bring a bit of colonial charm to a space in nearly any color. We also love that they are designed with extra fastening technology to ensure they’re securely attached to your drawer fronts.

Cabinet And Drawer Knobs

Proportions are everything for this perfectly round drawer knob. The fact that the base has as big a footprint as the pull itself lends itself to a bit of eclecticism that we are definitely on board with in the right room. We’re imagining gorgeous wallpaper and a custom paint color to really add to the mood.

It’s oh-so-pretty with plenty of shape and line inspiration to seamlessly connect with other pulls and knobs in your kitchen, bathroom, office, or even closet. It can also play well with both feminine and masculine aesthetics, which is another bonus for this best cabinet hardware pick.

We love introducing interesting pieces in our “favorites” posts. You may not automatically think of a ring pull for your cabinetry, but why not? And while we do recognize that it is technically a pull, most people would categorize it as a knob simply because of its size and shape. Regardless, we love that it’s flush-mounted and adds plenty of visual interest without extending into a small space. (Think guest bath!)

Can you blame us for gazing at this beauty and being convinced it needs to be on our favorite cabinet hardware list? We don’t think so. We’re voting a big yes on this simple silver base topped with a crystal ball. It’ll look great in so many applications and with many of the most popular paint colors trending right now.

We can see this working so well in a dedicated homework room or moody study. It can even come off as a little bit nautical with the right design elements to bring it all together—we’re picturing thin nautical striping, sunbleached woods, and linen accent chairs.

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The rich color of these orb knobs feels subtly grounding and a bit noble. That impression is amplified by the wide, flat base. Maybe that’s why we’re loving the look for a home study or masculine master closet.

These unassuming oval cabinet knobs make the favorites list because their simplicity complements almost any cabinet style. From modern to traditional, from shaker front to intricate mullioned cabinetry, from the kitchen to living room built-ins, these little guys play nice just about anywhere.

We’re imagining these pretty brushed globe knobs in a lovely home office or on custom nursery built-ins, complete with the perfect pink paint color. Granted, they’re much more versatile than that description allows for, but we’re not mad that it’s the vision we keep getting.

The flat surface of these warm gold drawer knobs is anything but one-dimensional. They’re a classic look but still offer plenty of personality and pizzazz no matter the color of cabinet they adorn.

These simple, flat cabinet knobs have a solid feeling that doesn’t come across as heavy. They could easily lend themselves to farmhouse decor, modern and sleek, or even industrial. And if you switch up the color to another finish offered, the opportunities for design application multiply even further.

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We can’t imagine that these will look like anything but little balls of sunshine in whatever room they find themselves. That can be pulled off as playful or sophisticated depending on what else you have happening in the space. Always consider paint colors, cabinetry details, and other design elements when shopping for the best cabinet hardware!

Another simple drawer knob that makes a big visual impact definitely makes it onto the best cabinet hardware list. We especially love the satin nickel finish and knowing that the smooth curves will make for comfortable functionality and clean design in any room.

This burnished brass cabinet knob (which happens to come in a number of other gorgeous finishes) is a great way to make a modern set of custom cabinetry feel like it’s been there for years, in a very traditionally charming way, of course.

These rectangular knobs, especially in the brushed brass, change things up with something of a dignified air. We love them for a high end kitchen but maybe even more in a formal dining room or office. We also aren’t mad that they come individually packed to protect against shipping damage.

The retro vibes are strong with these beautiful antique brass-colored knobs. The style is timeless and perfectly suited to any number of colors, but we’re thinking the popular pastel paint colors of this year would highlight them beautifully.

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Cabinet Backplates

A cabinet hardware knob or pull backplate is a great way to further customize your hardware’s look. We love how this one extends the footprint of your chosen knob while still offering a cutout peak of your perfectly chosen paint or stain color behind it.

This unique backplate can take any basic cabinet knob and transform it into a show piece. We love the idea of staying monochromatic, but you could also mix and match metals, or possibly even the right ceramic or stone piece to really complete the look.

Don’t kid yourself—rather than being basic, this delicately curved backplate is endlessly versatile. It would be perfect for larger or wider drawers and can be topped off with something equally sleek or entirely ornate to great visual effect.

Cabinet Hinges

While most of our cabinetry is inset and therefore without showy hinges, we won’t say no to a few of the best cabinet hardware hinges out there. Could these cheerful hinges add just the right amount of deco personality? They are absolutely perfect for a small bathroom, office, or living room built-ins.

The traditional feel of these hinges might overwhelm a small space, but they could also add just the right amount of grandeur in a larger white kitchen or stately office/den. Pair them with light blue cabinetry and *chef’s kiss* you’ll have a match made in design heaven.

Look closely to see what brings this hinge to our favorites list. The square knuckle (or center through which the pin passes) is a unique take on the standard hinge. It’s the small details that make all the difference in showing that every inch of your designed space matters.

Appliance Pulls

One of our favorite ways to take your kitchen to the next level of design is to hide unsightly appliances behind cabinet facades. But the job wouldn’t be complete without the perfect appliance pull. And this sleek golden rod pull is one of the best cabinet hardware pieces for a number of design styles.

We appreciate that the thicker center of this particular appliance pull is both visually and functionally appealing. Many people want something substantial to hold when it comes to opening the refrigerator, and this pretty nickel pull provides exactly that—without sacrificing style.

This appliance pull makes our best cabinet hardware list because of its unapologetic nod to industrial chic style. With four screw holes on its mini circular backplates, it hides behind nothing—and we love that. It won’t work in every space. But consider it in more rustic or sleek spaces in your home.

Cabinet Latches

This little door hook has just the right amount of homey farmhouse personality without making things too theatrical. Plus, we love that it swivels in two directions so it’s completely out of the way when you need both hands to get at whatever is hiding within the cabinet.

It may be simple, but this latch comes in every finish you’d ever want so it coordinates well with any design color palette, while still delivering just enough oomph to a cabinet to make it feel thoroughly thought out and impeccably designed from start to finish.

Feel free to ignore the fact that this is marketed to install on a window—we think it makes a great finishing touch for anything with a glass cabinet door. Think office built-ins, kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanity upper cabinetry, and more.

Shop For The Best Cabinet Hardware Now

Are you feeling more confident when it comes to how to choose the best cabinet hardware for your home? Did you learn something new about modern cabinet hardware that you didn’t know before? Maybe you even found that “just right” hardware you’ve been searching for in our list of favorites! (Hey, you’ve got great taste!)

Make sure to pin this page for reference, check out our kitchens portfolio for more of the best cabinet hardware inspiration, or contact us to see how we can help with your next cabinetry project!

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