The Best Pink Paint for Interiors

Choosing the right shade of pink is imperative for creating the environment you’re looking for. Luckily, Christopher Scott Cabinetry knows what it takes to find the best pink paint colors for any situation.

Pink may be a new-era shade for many, but painting your interiors pink has been a thing for the semi-bold since the 1960s and 70s. And while we may not vibe with some of the shades chosen then, we do applaud retro efforts to bring in pretty pink paint colors that made their homes feel happier, more personal, and full of character. But don’t be mistaken—Barbie isn’t the only character we’re talking about here. Pink is just as much for the elegant and subtle as it is for the vibrant and bold. The question is, what are the best pink paint colors for your interiors? Choosing the right shade of pink is imperative for creating the environment you’re looking for. Luckily, Christopher Scott Cabinetry knows what it takes to find the best pink paint colors for any situation.

Why is Pink Paint a Popular Choice for Interiors?

People have trended away from stark white walls and the “safe” choices of gray or beige paints in favor of shades with far more personality and visual interest. Happily, pink is among the latest and greatest in popular paint trends, and it works on more levels than just fun-for-a-little-girl’s-bedroom.

The color pink can evoke a variety of feelings, depending on the shade being utilized. And while pink has traditionally been associated with femininity, it is also representative of healing, innocence, playfulness, and tranquility—many things we’d like every part of our homes associated with. This isn’t to say that pink belongs in every space, but we’ve done well to expand our understanding of interior pink paint colors and what they can do for our home’s design and mood.

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We love the idea of using pink in a bedroom, closet, bathroom, or even in the right living room!

The Best Pink Paint for Interiors: Our Top Picks

The best pink paint for your interiors depends on your personality and the style you’re looking to bring to life. Everything from subtle peachy pinks to blush pinks to vibrant and bold pinks can be an option, depending on its application and surroundings! We have a few favorite pink paint colors that we’ll introduce in each category and guide you through how to use them for the greatest effect in your home.

Blush Pink Paint

Blush pink paint is often a soft, gentle pink with red undertones. It is likely the pink you think of when you hear “baby pink.” It’s sweet, soft, and calming while offering warmth in a way that doesn’t shout. Blush pink is one of the best pink paint colors because of its versatility, and yes—it can even be considered neutral in the right setting. Because of that, you can paint an entire room this color and not bat an eye. It will make a statement, but not an overwhelming one.

Because of this, we love blush pink paint for the walls of a bedroom, bathroom, or closet. And while the red undertones do make it trend toward the feminine, we’re not opposed to it being in a master space, either. Bringing in natural materials and textures in the form of wood, stone, textiles, and more can offer balance to what might otherwise become a little “too” girly if you’re worried about it. Art will also do wonders in providing complementary colors and themes to pink-painted walls. But, if you’re ready to embrace the beauty of blush pink paint at home fully, we suggest one of the best pink paints for your interiors: Proposal by Benjamin Moore.

Vibrant Pink Shades

Believe it or not, popular interior pink paint colors include bolder, more Barbie-esque shades that might scare off more than a few homeowners. And that’s okay! These bright, bold hues were not meant for every space. But used wisely, vibrant pink paint colors have their place. Consider a kitschy bathroom with a rich, pink vanity or a home office perfectly designed for the energy and life pink can bring to a space. Or you can go the classic route and bring one of these pink paint colors to a girl’s bedroom. I’d love a more subtle shade of pink or other complementary color chosen for the room’s walls, but the closet’s interior is painted to really pop in one of these pretty pink shades.

Fashion Rose & Peony

Soft and Subtle Pink Colors

And for everyone not ready to embrace their inner Barbie yet (or ever—we’re not here to judge), we can still answer what color pink paint will work best for your home! Soft and subtle pinks, with more brown or yellow undertones, will have that pretty but calming effect you’re looking for. Sometimes, the best interior pink paint is genuinely the most understated one!

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These unassuming shades of pink would enrich a variety of spaces. You could opt for a living room application, but I love the idea of a bright sunroom with plenty of natural light, bringing these subtle pink paint colors to life.

Pink Ground & Sulking Room Pink

How to Choose the Right Shade of Pink

I’m a firm believer that paint samples are a homeowner’s best friend, especially when it comes to interior pink paint colors. Testing even the best pink paint colors in your actual space can reveal that the shade you thought you’d love doesn’t quite play right in a large corner or simply feels too overwhelming out of the can. It can also make you fall in love with the shade you’ve chosen and help solidify your choice to paint a part of your home that some would consider a daring color. So, the best tip I can offer when choosing the right shade of pink is to try it out in sample size first.

And now that we have that established, let’s back up a bit. Before buying and painting, sample swatches all over your house, you’ll want to at least narrow your options down to the best pink paint ideas for your specific taste and overall interior design. This means that if you know a bold, vibrant pink doesn’t suit your aesthetic, there is no need to bring it home and try it on for size. So, first, ask yourself if pink fits into your personal style guide, and then get more specific about what you want this soon-to-be-painted room or furniture piece to feel like. Remember—blush pink or the other varieties of soft pink paints available can bring a sense of calming warmth and welcome, whereas bolder pink paint colors force a more upbeat energy in your space.

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And, as with all colors, pink pulls from what it lives with. This means you need to pay attention to the inevitable red, purple, or yellow undertones if you’re adding this new pink paint to an existing design or if you plan to shop around your pink paint color for complementary furniture, art, and other accessories in your home.

Pink Paint Ideas for Different Rooms

Need a little inspiration for the pink paint ideas floating around in your head? Most of us need to see things “on paper” before committing to a big paint job, and luckily, there is plenty of pink room inspiration to get the wheels turning for us here. We’ll highlight a few rooms we love to see pink in, but honestly, we’re not upset about seeing it anywhere—so long as it’s the right shade for the space and it’s been treated properly with the right finishing touches for the style.

Pink Paint in the Kitchen

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Pink Paint in the Bathroom

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Image credit RealHomes

Pink Paint in the Bedroom

Image credit Benjamin Moore
Image credit Farrow & Ball
Image credit Benjamin Moore

Pink Paint in the Living Room

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Image credit Houzz
Image credit Farrow & Ball

Your Pink Paint Color Questions, Answered

Still wondering about the best pink paint for your interiors? Don’t worry—we’ve gathered your most frequently asked questions and our best tips, favorite pink paint colors, and pink paint ideas below!

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Choosing Pink Paint

What are the best pink paint colors for a modern interior?

The best pink paint colors for a modern interior are incredibly diverse. True pinks, in all their varied saturations, are a great choice—including our favorite blush pink paint color, Proposal by Benjamin Moore. However, other pinks, including more vibrant and earthy tones of pink (like the ones highlighted above), all have their place in modern and elegant interior design.

How do I choose the right shade of pink paint for my living room?

Painting your living room pink can be a big decision, so we suggest first considering what your overall design style is, then finding a few shades you think may work (possibly even including a more daring pink than you might initially lean toward) and painting large sample swatches in the actual space. Then, observe the colors in all lights and at all times of day since all colors are highly affected by their surroundings.

What are popular interior pink paint trends in 2023?

Poppy and vibrant pink paints like fuschia and the most subtle, barely there pinks have found their way into the more adventurous interior design trends of the year. And it’s not just the color itself that makes pink paint trends interesting—it’s location, too. Pink has been welcomed into every corner of the home, from bedrooms to bathrooms, laundry rooms, kitchens, and beyond. Use it as an overall color, or just bring it in as an exciting accent—2023 has welcomed pink with open arms!

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Are there specific brands known for their pretty pink paint colors?

Many paint brands have embraced the pink paint trend and offer beautiful shades of the color. The most important thing you want to look for, however, is a company that makes quality interior paint that will look nice and last. Finding a pretty pink color only to paint your walls with it and experience the proof of low-quality paint isn’t what anyone needs.

Decorating with Pink

How can I incorporate pink paint into a minimalist interior design?

Blush pink paints and other soft pink shades go hand-in-hand with minimalist interior design styles. Pink and white (another minimalist shade) are great friends, and adding in sparing pops of texture and material (wood, soft brushed brass, etc.) works beautifully within a clean-line design.

What color schemes go well with pink painted walls?

Pink pairs perfectly with so many colors that it’s hard to narrow in on just a few. That said, we’re partial to pink with pretty greens (think anywhere from inside-the-avocado green to deep oceanic turquoise), or the standby of white—which you’ll find is anything but boring. It can make a stark contrast or meld quietly together with lightly stained wood for a calming and natural, almost healing, energy.

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How do I use pink paint ideas to make a small room look bigger?

Making small rooms appear bigger is almost always the job of a lighter shade of paint. Bringing in bright colors—especially pink—can have a great effect, but usually not in the way of enlarging a space. Stick to paler shades to ensure the square footage you have can breathe. You can even go up a little on the sheen of your paint to create the illusion of more room, especially in tight spaces.

Specific Shades and Uses of Pink

What is the best pink paint color for a girl’s bedroom?

We’ve come back to it repeatedly for a reason—Proposal by Benjamin Moore is our favorite pink paint color for a girl’s bedroom (and beyond). It’s got just enough personality to ensure a statement without leaning toward bubble gum or other such associations. Plus, if used in a bedroom, it ages well with a child and can be updated with more mature accents as the years pass.

Can I use blush pink paint in a kitchen?

As seen in the pictures highlighted previously in the article, a variety of pink paint colors can be used in your culinary space, but blush pink paint in a kitchen can be particularly stunning. Blush does a great job of becoming a light and airy neutral color, and so plays well as a foundational tone to build from.

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How does natural light affect the appearance of pink paint colors on walls?

Natural light works wonders for any color, but it is particularly important when shining on the best interior pink paints. Remember that paint in a can is going to look vastly different than two coats of paint dried on a wall. Then add the abundance or lack of natural light in any given space, and you have a lot of variability when finding the exact right shade of pink paint for your home. When sample painting, choose a dark corner away from natural light, as well as right across from a window so you can see the spectrum of what you’re committing to in just one can.

Combining Pink with Other Colors

Which colors of furniture go well with pink walls?

Many colors compliment pink paint well, but choosing the right complementary furniture and art will strongly depend on the style you’re looking to achieve. For example, greens and yellows can add to a retro effect with pink walls, while whites and blacks can feel more Scandi or modern. Adding in wood and stone will bring a gentler cottage core or farmhouse vibe to your space.

What are some complementary colors for popular pink paint shades?

The variety of colors that could be matched with popular pink paint colors is vast, but here are some solid suggestions for three trending pink shades today.

Blush pink—deep turquoise


Earthy pale pink—yellow

How to balance bright pink paint colors in a living room?

If you’re opting for bright pink paint in the living room, it’s likely that subtle is not your style but balancing a bold pink like that can go one of two ways—keep it in check with clean lines and soft accessories or embrace it full on by embellishing with equally vibrant hues, shapes, and patterns. Both have been done to great effect. It just comes down to personal preference and lifestyle.

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DIY and Application

What are some DIY pink paint ideas for home interiors?

If we haven’t made it clear, we’re fans of pink paint in the home. If you’re just dipping your toes into color adventure at home, try something small like the inside closet doors or an accent wall in the home office. DIYing with pink paint at home can also come in the form of more temporary commitments like custom artwork or art frames.

How many coats of pink paint are needed for optimal coverage?

The number of coats necessary for any paint is going to depend on a few things—your primer quality, paint quality, and brush/roller quality. Most often, you can count on one coat of primer and two coats of paint being standard practice for full coverage.

What are some tips for painting walls with lighter pink shades?

Here are a few helpful tips for painting light pink walls:

  • Get a good-coverage primer if your previous paint color is darker than the pink shade you chose.
  • Test the light in the room with a painted swatch of your pink color.
  • And most of all, embrace the joy of pink walls!
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Meet the Pink Paint Experts at Christopher Scott Cabinetry

The team at Christopher Scott Cabinetry loves a good pink room or vanity, cabinet, or accent wall. There are so many shades to choose from that pink becomes an option for anyone looking to embrace a little pop of color in their home. And, following the advice and tips given above, you’re already on the right track to choosing the best pink paint colors for you!

Looking for more inspiration for bringing color to your home? Need help with your next custom cabinetry project? Check out the Christopher Scott Cabinetry portfolios, or contact us today!

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