How Vents for Floors Add Style to Your Home

Decorative vent covers are an elegant make to make a subtle impact in your home

Gone are the days when accepting the “same old” in any part of our lives is expected. Customization comes in every form and area, enhancing our individuality and sense of ownership and style. So don’t be surprised when I wax poetic about vents for floors, walls, and ceilings and how they can add just the right—and unique—personality and style to your home.

What Is The Difference Between A Register And A Vent?

First off, let’s lay down some foundational understanding of a home’s air system.

Every room in a home needs airflow in order to properly and evenly heat and cool the house. Which means every room should have at least one vent.

Every room in a home needs airflow in order to properly and evenly heat and cool the house. Which means every room should have at least one vent.

There are actually two different types of air vents, as well as vent covers, and it’s important to know the difference between them. One vent supplies air to a room, while the other returns air back to the conditioning system in order to be recirculated to the supply vents. But that doesn’t mean every room needs a return vent. Generally speaking, a few large and well-placed return vents will ensure your home can stay properly heated and cooled, saving you on energy and money.

Decorative vent covers aren’t just for looks. Vent covers become an important part of your HVAC system as they help properly regulate and direct airflow through the home

Designer: Christopher Scott Cabinetry & Design

But what about vent registers? Vent registers are simply supply vent covers that allow you to adjust the airflow into the room by changing directions or closing off all or part of the vent’s opening—though not every supply vent for your floors, ceilings, or walls will have or even need a register.

The nice part about going without a register is that it opens up the possibility for more home personalization and architectural and design creativity. Because imagine that, in the places you do have to put an air vent, you can choose custom vents that actually enhance the room’s overall appearance, rather than take away from it…

Don’t worry, you’re not dreaming. Custom vent covers are a real thing and you can have that cohesive look you want in your own home.

Custom vent covers are a real thing and you can have that cohesive look you want in your own home

What Are The Vents On The Floor For?

The purpose of vents for the floor is the same as the purpose of vents in the ceiling or wall—they’re there to supply air to each room in your home.

That said, it isn’t all they have to be anymore. Depending on the type of vent covering you choose, they can add a level of beauty, dimension, and customization to your room that pulls everything together, without sacrificing style by settling for basic and old fashioned grill vent covers.

DISCOVER: Why You Need Custom Vent Covers

Just be aware that vents for the floor may have to be made of metal or solid hardwood in order for them to provide the structure and strength required for something that will inevitably be walked on.

Designer: Christopher Scott Cabinetry & Design

Can You Put Filters On Floor Vents?

There’s no need to put an additional filter on your floor vent. It’s a redundancy of the filter on your system and won’t provide any additional benefit. Go ahead and skip that expense. Just make sure to replace your system filters according to manufacturer directions to keep your system working well. 

How Do You Measure Floor Vents?

When choosing custom covers for floor vents (and other vent locales and types), one of the first things you’ll have to do is figure out what sizes you’ll need. Here are the simple steps to correctly measuring for new custom vent covers:

  1. Carefully remove any existing vent cover.
  2. Measure the duct opening in your floor, wall, or ceiling—do not measure the old vent cover.
  3. Note the exact measurement with height x width. (Most common small supply vent openings measure 4”x10”, but larger return air vents will require a much bigger covering. Measure each air vent to ensure proper numbers for each cover required in your new custom order.)
  4. If you do have existing air vent covers that have created a visible border once removed, ensure that your new custom vent covers will cover it or that the border can be repaired for a completely clean and updated look.

Can I Paint My Floor Vents?

Whether or not you should paint the vents for your floor is dependent on what type of vent cover you’re purchasing. Our custom vent covers—best used on ceilings, walls, and toe kick areas—are made of HDM (high-density machine board), and are sold ready for primer and paint. This way, they’re ready to take on whatever style or look your room needs to complete the perfectly cohesive and custom look you’re going for.

Custom Decorative Air Vent Covers For An Instant Luxury Upgrade To Your Home

Christopher Scott Design has created the most beautiful and functional solution to run-of-the-mill vent grates so you aren’t forced to sacrifice your home’s unique style. Our decorative air vent covers add perfect dimensional detail to anywhere from a kitchen cabinet toe kick to a bedroom wall, from a central return vent to a bathroom ceiling vent. Wherever they are, they’re guaranteed to add valuable form and function to your home. Installed with other modern air vent covers from us, a cohesive and high-end built-in look can be achieved throughout your home for ultimate architectural and design harmony.

Some of the benefits of our decorative vent covers include:

  • Premium Home Upgrade: Christopher Scott Cabinetry’s Custom Decorative Air Vent Covers are designed to help you bring your distinctive sense of style into every room in the house. Our beautiful and functional designs will magnify what is already unique about yourself or remind everyone else just how stylish they really want their home life environment to be!
  • Meticulous Design: Vent covers are a great way to add design impact and improve the look of your home. With our custom vent cover designs, you can choose from different shapes for each room in order to get that perfect personalized feel! 
  • High-Quality Fabrication: The best way to ensure that your vent cover looks like it was always meant for the home is by using high-quality materials. We use premium machine board. Our vents are made from high-density machine board (HDM) which can be primed or painted any color of choice! All elements created through Christopher Scott Design will have intricate details and beauty without breaking budget constraints.
  • Versatile Performance: With its sleek design, our decorative vent covers offer a high-quality, primer-and-paint-ready product. Easy installation. Functional and aesthetic. These can be used as decorative ceiling vent covers, wall vent covers, toe kick air duct vent covers, return air vent covers, air supply vent covers, bathroom air vent covers, and more.   

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At Christopher Scott Design, we only use high-quality materials we trust. That’s why our vent covers are made of premium, high-density machine board (HDM), ready to prime and paint to your exact specifications, and made to withstand temperature changes common to any HVAC system. Working with HDM also makes it possible to create the intricate and flawless decor grates you should expect from Christopher Scott Design, at a fraction of the cost of cast metal.

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