Why You Need Custom Vent Covers

Standard vent covers often force an unnecessary sacrifice of style and cohesion in our homes

What if you didn’t have to make certain concessions when designing your home? What if things like air vents didn’t have to force a sacrifice of style and beauty in your rooms? What if, by choosing custom air vent covers instead, you could find new ways to add to your aesthetic and enjoy every detail of your design? The good news is that you can—and we can walk you through the process of choosing custom vent covers, the proper measuring process, and how to secure them in your home.

Why Have Custom Vent Covers?

We’re so used to the typical striped grill of a factory-made air vent cover that we may not have always thought twice about installing them all over our houses. But it’s time to consider choosing custom vent covers instead.

There’s no need to settle for basic or out-of-date vent grills when you can add significant design impact with increased dimension, texture, and color

Designer: Christopher Scott Cabinetry & Design

Why? Standard vent covers often force an unfortunate sacrifice of style. Whether it’s the mismatching color that stands out from your freshly painted walls and ceilings or your newly upgraded flooring, or even the dingy and chipped metal grill that has taken a typical family’s abuse over the years—we hardly recognize how those parts of our homes are compromises we don’t need to make.

Upgrading to custom vent covers can enhance your existing decor and become an addition to the space instead of a detraction from the beauty you’re creating in your home. Think in terms of permanent architecture or cabinetry details that you can echo in custom-designed air vent covers—cutouts and arches and unique patterns and perfectly matching paint colors.

A completely customized room should include air vent covers that complement your personality and increase the sense of peace and comfort in your home.

Because metal is what most vent covers have been made of for so long, it’s the material you probably think of first when choosing your own home’s vent covers.

Designer: Christopher Scott Cabinetry & Design

Custom Wood VS Custom Metal Vent Covers

Because metal is what most vent covers have been made of for so long, it’s the material you probably think of first when choosing your own home’s vent covers. But rest assured there are other options out there.

Wood composite is our favorite material to work with because it makes a great canvas for cutting custom designs. And with high-quality finishing, you’ll get a clean, smooth surface that will not only look amazing but be easy to clean and care for.

When it comes to choosing between custom metal and custom wood vent covers, you should consider a few things. First, there are two different types of metal used for vent covers. One is sheet metal—thin, light, and easy to laser cut a custom pattern into. The other type is cast aluminum or iron, which is expensive and heavy but can get you the depth you won’t get from the sheet metal. Wood is a perfect balance of both—you can easily cut intricate patterns and have some dimension, all at a very reasonable price point.

That said, if you’re wanting a custom floor grate, metal is an important consideration, as wood is not as sturdy a structural option.

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How Do I Measure For Custom Vent Covers?

When choosing custom vent covers, one of the first things you’ll have to do is figure out what sizes you’ll need. Here are the simple steps to correctly measuring for new custom vent covers:

  1. Carefully remove any existing vent cover.
  2. Measure the duct opening in your floor, wall, or ceiling—do not measure the old vent cover.
  3. Note the exact measurement with height x width. (Most common small supply vent openings measure 4”x10”, but larger return air vents will require a much bigger covering. Measure each air vent to ensure proper numbers for each cover required in your new custom order.)
  4. If you do have existing air vent covers that have created a visible border once removed, ensure that your new custom vent covers will cover it or that the border can be repaired for a completely clean and updated look.
Our decorative vent covers are designed to magnify your distinctive sense of style with beautiful, cohesive, and functional design—ready to bring new life to every room in your home

Designer: Christopher Scott Cabinetry & Design

What Are The Most Popular Vent Cover Sizes?

The most common vent cover size is a standard 4”x10” or 4”x12”. Other miscellaneous covers can measure around 10”x10” to 15”x15” (square).

How Do You Secure An Air Vent Cover?

Securing a vent cover like ours is simple for anyone comfortable with a little handyperson or DIY experience. You can easily attach a custom air vent cover with the right kind of screws and a screwdriver or drill. However, if it makes you more comfortable, feel free to hire out the installation to a professional for the peace of mind, knowing your new vent covers will look as perfect as possible.

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Custom Decorative Air Vent Covers For An Instant Luxury Upgrade To Your Home

Christopher Scott Design has created the most beautiful and functional solution to run-of-the-mill vent grates so you aren’t forced to sacrifice your home’s unique style. Our decorative air vent covers add perfect dimensional detail to anywhere from a kitchen cabinet toe kick to a bedroom wall, from a central return vent to a bathroom ceiling vent. Wherever they are, they’re guaranteed to add valuable form and function to your home. Installed with other modern air vent covers from us, a cohesive and high-end built-in look can be achieved throughout your home for ultimate architectural and design harmony.

Some of the benefits of our decorative vent covers include:

  • Premium Home Upgrade: Christopher Scott Cabinetry’s Custom Decorative Air Vent Covers are designed to help you bring your distinctive sense of style into every room in the house. Our beautiful and functional designs will magnify what is already unique about yourself or remind everyone else just how stylish they really want their home living environment to be!
  • Meticulous Design: Vent covers are a great way to add design impact and improve the look of your home. With our custom vent cover designs, you can choose from different shapes for each room in order to get that perfect personalized feel! 
  • High-Quality Fabrication: The best way to ensure that your vent cover looks like it was always meant for the home is by using high-quality materials. We use premium machine board. Our vents are made from high-density machine board (HDM) which can be primed or painted any color of choice! All elements created through Christopher Scott Design will have intricate details and beauty without breaking budget constraints.
  • Versatile Performance: With its sleek design, our decorative vent covers offer a high-quality, primer-and-paint-ready product. Easy installation. Functional and aesthetic. These can be used as decorative ceiling vent covers, wall vent covers, toe kick air duct vent covers, return air vent covers, air supply vent covers, bathroom air vent covers, and more.   

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At Christopher Scott Design, we only use high-quality materials we trust. That’s why our vent covers are made of premium, high-density machine board (HDM), ready to prime and paint to your exact specifications, and made to withstand temperature changes common to any HVAC system. Working with HDM also makes it possible to create the intricate and flawless decor grates you should expect from Christopher Scott Design, at a fraction of the cost of cast metal.

Contact us to find out more about how we can help with your latest project or visit our Amazon store to upgrade your air vents today.

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